Hypocrisy on debt ceiling

In January Republican House leaders called on their members to authorize spending $700 billion above anticipated revenues in this fiscal year.  On Wednesday, February 13, Speaker Boehner will call for a vote to raise the debt ceiling to pay for that spending and says he  will count on the support of most Democrats to pass it.

Like many Americans,  I believe that the federal government borrows far too much.  My book, to be released on April 1, explains in detail why.   But members of Congress are guilty of crass hypocrisy when they vote spend money greater than available tax revenues and then to vote against use debt to pay the obligations.   That is like a person who orders food at a restaurant, knowing that he or she does not have the cash to pay, and then protests when asked for a credit card.

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One thought on “Hypocrisy on debt ceiling

  1. Bill, I believe in fiduciary responsibility. I like the maxim “spend less than you make, and do it for a long time.” But Congress must do the impossible: look at the big spenders. Look how much we spend on defense. The debt will never be reduced until we cut the waste and the egoism from defense. You can’t balance the budget on the backs of the old, the young, the poor and the ill. God bless, and I’m anxious to see the book.

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